Philokalia Foundation

The Greek word Philokalia means “spiritual love”. It means the attainment of happiness through goodness, purity, and inner beauty. Humankind has always dedicated itself to the pursuit of happiness. The means to this are the time-tested virtues of goodness, purity, and love. The aim of the Philokalia Foundation is the cultivation of the values of goodness, purity, and love in the individual, and from the individual to the family and from there to society as a whole.
To inculcate the values of goodness, purity and love through knowledge. With this end in view, it conducts awareness-raising programmes at the school, college, university and corporate levels
Counselling and seminars are conducted as part of this awareness-raising
Special counselling and prayer sessions for people facing the threat of familial disintegration
Financial aid for students who face problems in funding their education
The foundation helps construct houses for people without homes
Treatment and counselling facilities for alcoholics.