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Makalkkay Orientation programme was held for girls on 31/8/2023 st.sebastian church auditorium muringoor at chalakudy


Makalkkay orientation class was held for girls on 08/07/2023 CKM convention center at Chalakudi.


We conducted an orientation programme on 22/07/2023 at our chalakudy office


Some memorable moments from three days retreat at Divine Retreat Center, Khetri in Kamrup district, Assam


We conducted an orientation programme on 17th June 2023 @ our chalakudy office


Educational help was provide for the requested students from the various part of Kerala, who where facing the lack of study material in this educational year. about 20 students got the opportunity to collect study material from us.

We conducted a Orientation Program on 13th May 2023 @ Chalakudy Office.

National award winner Nanchiyamma was given a civic reception under the joint orientation of Philokalia Foundation along with Chalakudy Municipality, the Books written by Br.Mario Joseph and Gigi Mario were also released on this same occasion.

Philokalia Foundation provided an auto-riksha to Nasser and his family in Kollam district for self-employment.

We conducted a One day Seminar on 4th March 2023 @ Chalakkudi Office

From the motivation class held at Sullamussalam Muslim Girls Arts College in Malappuram district

We conducted a one day seminar on 11th February 2023 @ chalakkudi office

On January 28th, a motivational class was conducted at Philokalia office along with distribution of medicines..

From the one-day seminar held on 7th January 2023 at Philokalia office.....

Philokalia providing food items for a month to the needy people those who requested..

Kottayam office

Topics for News Letter for the month of June 2022

We at Philokalia Foundation had a Key Handover Ceremony on the 1st of June 2022 at Meenadam, in Kottayam district of Kerala.
This house was constructed for one Mr. Satheesh & family. Mr. Satheesh and his wife, parent 2 little girls. But, due to their serious ailments they are unable to make two - ends meet.
Philokalia Foundation was informed about the condition by the locals of that area in the meantime our Chairman Mr. Mario Joseph alongwith his wife Giji Mario swung into action by first visiting the site and then seeing the condition of the family the decided to start the work immediately. They met Mr. Satheesh and his family and assured them to help them out of their problem.
The Foundation Stone was laid within a couple of days and the construction of the house commenced immediately. Once again, the house was ready in a Record Time of 6 months under the guidance and periodical supervision of Mr. Mario Joseph and his team.
The New House Keys were handed over by our Ex. Chief Minister Mr. Ooman Chandy in the presence of our Chairman and Founder Mr. Mario Joseph and his wife Mrs. Giji Mario with other dignitaries.

Philokalia Foundation was involved in a similar Housing Project but, with a different backstory. The house was built for two little children who lost their mother in a cold blooded murder committed by their own father. By the Grace of God and a few kind hearted Samaritans they received a small piece of land measuring 4 Cents approx.
Philokalia Foundation immediately declared it an Emergency and our Chairman Mr. Mario Joseph with his wife Giji Mario who also is the Managing Director of the Foundation, rushed to the site and took a decision to construct the house on Top Priority.
The Foundation Stone was laid on 2nd of June 2022; and the construction of the house is in full swing. Above everything else the "Beautiful Moment" came when Mr. Mario Joseph and his wife Mrs. Giji Mario declared that they will be Adopting both the children and will also be taking care of their needs until they attain the age of sensing their self Responsibility.
On the 3rd of June we had a free Homeo consultation Day . Our Homeo Dr. Jayaprasad karunakaran treated nearly 30 patients on that day, and on the 9th of June at our Kottayam office free Educational Materials were distributed to 6 children & were handed over by our Managing Director Mrs. Giji Mario .
On a different occasion, at Pala Moozhoor a village in Kottayam district, Philokalia Foundation was informed by someone that two Orphaned and Specially Abled sisters were living in an incomplete house together with their goats. As both the sisters were specially abled, they are unable to earn their daily bread. Hence, few good people provide them with one meal a day .
Our Chairman and Founder Mr. Mario Joseph and his wife Giji Mario visited the site and were deeply moved on seeing the condition in which they were living in. In a couple of days Philokalia Foundation decided to make a change in their lives.
Mr. Ooman Chandy, our Ex- Chief Minister was invited to lay the Foundation Stone on 11th of June 2022 and on this occasion our Founder and Chairman Mr. Mario Joseph alongwith his wife Giji Mario the Co-Founder were also present.
The Foundation Stone was laid after demolishing the old structure.
On the 13th of June we distributed Educational Materials like books, pens, lunch box, pencils etc. at our philokalia office in Muringoor, Chalakudy to a person from Aluva which were handed over by our Managing Director Mrs.Giji Mario.
On the 13th June of 2022 our Managing Director Mrs. Giji Mario did what was necessary to help a family who were in dire need as they were in almost hand to mouth condition.
On the 15 of June we, on people's special request again had a free Homeo Consultation Day. Our Homeo Dr. Jayaprasad karunakaran treated nearly 40 patients. We also conducted Malayalam counseling sessions for two of our patients. The counselling was given by our counsellor Mr. Devasya Antony. In continuation to the Homeo Consultation at our Muringoor Office we also had a free consultation section at our Kottayam office on the 16th of June 2022 We had almost 25 patients come and avail the free service provided by Philokalia Foundation.
On the 16th of June 2022 Philokalia Foundation provided a small help to a family from kidangoor at our Kottayam office. On the same day a family was provided a help for treatment as the patient had come from one of the villages of Kottayam District . The above help was given by our Managing Director Mrs. Giji Mario. On the 17th of June Philokalia Foundation came across a Preacher whose enthusiasm to spread the Gospel especially among children surprised us. Our Founder Mr. Mario Joseph was so moved by his work that he decided of gifting him a Slide Projector as a sign of support and love to his work. On the same day free medicines were distributed to three persons, one coming from Malappuram and the other two came from Thrissur. On the 23rd of June Philokalia Foundation conducted a four day Malayalam Residential Retreat in Karukutty at the Assisi Shanthi Kendra. Before this, in the morning we had a visitor at our Muringoor Office who came to request free medicines for his mother as she was suffering from depression. During his waiting time in the office he fell into Fits and was immediately rushed in the ambulance to the government hospital at Chalakudy, and a person was specially kept to take care of the patient until he was discharged. Later, some medicines were given to his mother as well.
On the 29th of June we had the last Homeo Consultation session of the month, Nearly 40 patients had come and availed the benefit.