Happiness is at your fingertips, yet unable to enjoy! You claim to be Pious but still have behavioral problems. You portray yourself to be "Tough" just to cover - up your vulnerability deep inside. Is your Beautiful Love now being over - shadowed by Lust? Does your material possessions weigh more than your Relationships? Are these your querries? If so, you need a space to pour it out and Philokalia is where you ought to be. Philokalia aims to offer True Life- Changing experiences that impart knowledge for a healthy and wealthy relationship.

Philkokalia family academy is to give you an in-depth guidance to overcome deep - rooted emotions like Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Family problems, Ego etc. It also teaches life skills to achieve Success, Happiness, Good Health, Financial Stability and Good Relationships with one and all. This awakening programme also presents a logical yet comfortable way of adopting methods that will work for you.

If required, Personal Counseling and Interactive Sessions will be conducted for people facing the threat of family disintegration.