Dr Mario Joseph

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A Muslim imam at age 18 turned to a Christian. Today, he is a Catholic preacher in India , who preaches the "love of the beautiful" through his special mission called Philokalia. He is accompanied by his wife, Gigi Mario along with him to support and conduct his mission world wide for the praise and glory of Lord Jesus Christ


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All the books written by Dr Mario Joseph dedicated to fostering renewal and evangelization in the Catholic Church and Christianity by helping people know the personal love of God in Jesus and grow in holiness .His books includes also best sellers like Salam or Jihad, Encountered Christ through Quran.

Philokalia Team

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""go and make disciples of all nations." " - A team of speakers who leads Christ life seeks to equip the essential work of evangelization through philokalia, so that others might come to know personally the love of God through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, becoming his followers and members of the Church

Bro Mario's Talks

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